Sen. Rebecca Saldaña’s First Annual Celebration of the 37th Legislative District

“The 37th LD is a unique corner of Washington; we are diverse, community-focused and work together towards justice for all of us”.

State Senator Rebecca Saldaña

Over one hundred residents from the 37th District came together on Sunday, September 16th, to be part of this celebration of the district’s leadership, artists, and food entrepreneurs.  One of Senator Saldaña’s goals is to build community in the 37th - and this event succeeded in bringing together residents throughout the district in a celebration of what makes the 37th special.  The community celebration was held at the Filipino Community Center of Seattle.

Additionally, five leaders and one community-based organization were awarded the Golden Clippy Awards.  These awards came in the form of a golden clipboard. Why a golden clipboard? Because every good leader remains a community organizer - and clipboard is the essential tool for a good organizer!

Golden Clippy Award Winners

  • Sameth Mell, Community Spirit Award
  • Mergitu Argo, Community Spirit Award
  • Andre and Dove Taylor, Not This Time, Building Community Non-Profit Award
  • Luis and Leona Rodriguez, The Station Cafe, Building Community Business Award
  • Senator Sharon Nelson, Elected Office Legacy Award

Celebrating the art and food of the 37th

We wanted to highlight everything the 37th has to offer: our local creative community, our amazing food entrepreneurs representing every corner of the world, our artists, and our performers.   


Community Celebration

We were honored to have these artists feature their creative work:

These individuals and businesses shared food with us during the celebration:

Thank you also to the many super volunteers who donated their time to make the event a success:

  • Craig Eidsmoe
  • Yoko Kuramoto-Eidsmoe
  • Christina Shaw
  • Suzette Espinoza-Cruz
  • Susan Sherbina
  • Sameer Ranade
  • Kiki Midori
  • Adriana Cruz

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