A high quality education is the best way to prepare our kids for the careers of the future. Finally,  the Washington State Legislature has demonstrated a commitment to fully fund education in our state, but I along with many do not feel the reliance on property tax adequately addresses our need to fairly fund education. I support closing the capital gains tax loophole, along with many other loopholes, so that the wealthiest among us pay their fair share to ensure our students have access to the same opportunity, regardless of income, race or gender.


I believe strongly that we have a responsibility to leave things better than we found them. As state senator, I will work to advance policies and investments in a clean fueled economy, an equitable transportation system and protections for our clear air and water.  This also means investments in resilient communities that can withstand droughts and flooding, and environments to better address the growing forest fire seasons.  


As a former union organizer, I’ve worked hard to protect the rights of workers throughout our region. I am dedicated to ensuring a thriving local economy that incentivizes businesses with good paying, permanent jobs. As state senator, I will fight to keep “right to work” policies out of our state and to stand up for local workers by updating policies to meet the needs of today’s workforce, including the proper implementation of the most progressive paid family and medical leave and equal pay for equal work.  


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